6 ideas to keep children busy

Freizeitideen für Kinder mit Bezug zum Mittelalter

Especially now, due to closed kindergartens and schools, it is sometimes a challenge to have children permanently at home. Both young and old soon begin to bang their heads against the wall in frustration. Luckily, the weather slowly gets better, and then the garden or the nearby forest calls. We’ve put together some ideas on how to add value to the kid’s playtime during these difficult times. Don’t just let them stare at the television, help them get out and relive history!

Arrow and bow

Pfeil und Bogen für Kinder - eine schöne Beschäftigung im Garten oder im Wald

Our children’s bows are less a toy but more like sports equipment. This gives the children a the real experience for the drawing of the bow and the trajectory of the arrows, as well as training the mental focus and concentration. In addition, the kids enjoy walking in the footsteps of Robin Hood, wandering through the forest and defeating the Norman invaders.

Battle-Merchant can offer you bows for children suitable from the age of four or five. The arrows are based upon real at sports arrows, so they are higher quality than actual toy ones.

In addition, you will also find a children’s crossbow with suction cup arrows. This will certainly make it easy to protect the castle from robbers! The toy crossbow is recommended for children from the age of four, but this is of course always at the discretion of the parents.

But whether using bow or crossbow, it is important to make the kids understand from the beginning that with these toys never to target humans or animals.

Kinder lieben Mittelalter Spielzeug - eine phantastische Zeitreise

Historic Knight’s Toys

With historical toys, children can be quickly taken to another world. There they can imagine themselves as knights, vagabonds, pirates or noble lords. It is often enough just to place a wooden sword in their hands and let their imagination run riot, and thus their journey through time begins.

From the classic children’s sword made of wood, to the children’s axe, every aspiring knight, pirate or Viking will find the right toy weapon with us.

Mit Kindern schnitzen ist ein tolles Hobby

Carving with children

Carving is a great hobby for children, which improves not only concentration, but also hand to eye coordination and creativity. The Schnitzel UNU was designed for younger children. Whittling sticks for twist bread, cutting vegetables for dinner or making some little figurines: Schnitzel UNU is the perfect tool. For older kids (10 years and older) the Schnitzel DU is suitable. This children’s knife is not only a faithful companion for carving/whittling, but also for many other outdoor adventures.

Children’s books – experience history in a child-friendly way

Children’s books are still a great pastime. Our children’s books playfully but informatively deal with history, and how it unfolded. For example, we have four books with an accompanying CD filled with adventure and world knowledge in our range. In them, the themes of Germanic, Viking, Knights and Middle Ages are taught in a child-friendly way.

Freizeitideen für Kinder mit Bezug zum Mittelalter

Historical dice for playing indoors

The weather isn’t too good or other reasons force you to stay at home? There are still plenty of fun things to do!

A medieval evergreen is playing the dice because there are plenty of possible games. Popular are our medieval bone dice. Since they are handmade, no one dice looks like the other, which gives the whole thing a much more rustic touch. Together with the booklet “Allerley Spielerey – Playing like in the Middle Ages” many fun hours are guaranteed.

Cooking with children as in the Middle Ages

What also gives the kids a lot of fun is recreating historical recipes. Chopping cucumbers, kneading dough, stirring pots: if they prepare the food as the knights once did, then food will become much more interesting. In our online store you will find many great cookbooks with historical recipes from Ancient Times to the Middle Ages.

Besides, it’s great that it can both take place outside in the garden, or in your kitchen. Depending of course on the weather conditions and available equipment. If you want it to take place in the garden, you might like to use historical equipment. In this blog post about medieval camps, we gave you an overview about which things you’ll need.