Inspiration for your garb: 10 different medieval outfits

Mittelalter Gewandungen für LARP Mittelaltermarkt oder Kostümparty

In our current episode of “Hieb- und stichfest!” – our video series on Facebook – we introduced you to various medieval outfits. The entire video can be found at the bottom (just click on the last point in the table of contents). So that you can also look again in detail, what exactly we used in the garment, we give you an overview here.

Outfit 1: Leather and fabric combination for the Maid

Mittelalter Kleidung

The first outfit – worn by our dear Christin – consists of a dress and various leather accessories. It is suitable for many representations, for example for an archer in LARP. The elegantly flowing fabric dress offers a nice contrast to the rustic leather elements.

The basis of the outfit is our medieval dress “Ana”, but the version for children in green. Since Christin is relatively small, the child size 164 fits her perfectly. However, anyone who is a little taller can use the adult dress for this outfit. The children’s and adult dresses are available in different colours, so you can decide your own combination.

On top the medieval dress Christin is wearing our corset “Rogue”. It makes a great addition and brings the rather wide cut dress Ana into the right shape. If this corset is a bit too much, you can also combine it with a bodice belt. Under the corset, Christin is sporting a simple green belt with a ring buckle to attach her bag to it. The outfit is rounded off nicely with a leather arm guard.

Cost: With all the bells and whistles, this outfit is around 340 €, with the most expensive part of it being the corset. If this is too much money for you to spend at once, you can omit the corset, because the dress is still held by the long belt. Alternatively, a bodice belt for lacing would be conceivable, then you would be at a total of approx. 220 €.

Outfit 2: Pirate

Hendrik is wearing a typical pirate dress as it might be worn in the early modern era (see picture above). The main focus is on the pirate coat “Edward”, a so-called “Justacorps” from the 17th century and the typical pirate-three-pointed tricorn hat.

Under the coat, Hendrik wears the shirt“Corvin”, but there are a bunch of medieval shirts that would fit equally. In our category shirts you will find a whole range, just take a look. White or natural shirts are recommended because they stand out from the coat. As trousers we have chosen the simple but sturdy trousers “Hagen”.

In addition, there are various accessories such as a saber with a matching belt and a pirate hook. In the shop we have other suitable things like eye patch, or a telescope.

Cost: In total – with all accessories – we are at 460 €. If you prefer to spend a little less, leave the coat and replace the tricorn with a headscarf. Of course, hooks and sabers are also optional.

Outfit 3: Viking Outfit for Men

Wikinger Kleidung Mann

Our dear Björn threw himself into character with this combination of authentic Viking garments. On top he wears a combination of the subtunic “Gunther” and the tunic “Ailrik”. This layered look not only looks casual, but is also suitable for many weather conditions.

Our simple trousers “Hagen” are full length, but they are again enhanced with the calf wraps in the appropriate colour.  Björn also wears the Viking shoes “Heimdall”. The icing on the cake of the outfit is our Birka cap, which matches the calf wraps in colour, as well as a simple, hand-forged Thors hammer necklace. If the Thors hammer is a little too simple for you, we have a huge selection in our Thors hammer Jewelry section.

Cost: This puts this outfit at around €220. As Christin said in the video, the shoes are the most expensive. Of course, as a beginner you can also wear plain brown leather shoes for the first time. But in the longer term, such an acquisition is worthwhile, because it simply looks more suitable than a modern shoe.

Outfit 4: Medieval Fantasy Garb

Mittelalter Gewandung Mann

Our erudite Olaf wears the super practical tunic “Bent”. These are incredibly ractical, because the sleeves can be removed – absolutely great at warm temperatures, for sweat-inducing work or archery.

As well as the tunic, Olaf wears “Olaf” trousers, which are complemented by our herringbone calf wraps. Several accessories such as bracers, a throwing axe with axe holder and a bag round off the outfit. You don’t need a belt with this outfit, because one is already included on the tunic. Matching the bracers there are also leg rails as well as a breastplate.

Cost: In total, this outfit is around €260. As always however, you can omit or replace accessories as you like.

Outfit 5: Medieval Maid

Gewandung Mittelalter Magd

Our next outfit is well suited for rural representations and is a very popular ensemble on the medieval markets. Although the combination of blouse and skirt only came up in the Renaissance, it has many advantages. On the one hand, you can replace individual components and immediately have a new look. On the other hand, some women in skirts and blouses feel more comfortable than in a dress.

But back to the outfit: We complemented the wide skirt with an underskirt as well as an apron. This creates a pretty layered look. Small tip: If it is very warm or do you need more legroom for some work, then the overskirt and apron simply pull through the belt. This is what women did in the Middle Ages. However, showing the leg was frowned upon, so the underskirt was usually not raised so high…at least not in public.

On top of that, our maid wears the blouse “Birga” as well as a little bit. Here, too, you can enhance the look with a variety of accessories. However, a belt is recommended. We have attached a leather bag and cutlery to these.

Cost: With the accessories together this outfit is 230 €.

Outfit 6+7: Medieval girl and boy

Mittelalter Gewandung für Kinder

As you saw in Christin’s outfit, we have outfits for adults, but also for children. If you want to browse for yourself, you can find the full selection here: Medieval children’s clothing.

The girl in the picture wears our Viking dress “Solveig”. The little boy is in our medieval shirt “Colin”, the trousers “Thore” and the children’s chain shirt. As a belt, you can take our Medieval Long Belt and either cut it off and add more holes, or put it around several times. You also get children’s shoes with us, namely the Medieval children’s shoe with lace-up and the medieval children’s shoe with straps.

Outfit 8: Late medieval maid with sideless surcoat

Gewandung Mittelalterkleid

Our one-armed temptress Tyra wears a typical late medieval combination of undergarment with trumpet sleeves and a sideless overdress. Shape is given to the whole outfit with a laced bodice belt. Together with a few accessories, a beautiful but comfortable medieval outfit is the finished result.

Tyra has given up on shoes for us, but if you want to wear them, our high medieval lace-up shoes fit very well.

Cost: Overdress and underdress cost only about 75 €, with the accessories together this makes about 200 €.

Outfit 9: Plain medieval garb for him

Mittelalter Kleidung Mann

Simple but practical: This outfit for men consists in its basic form of our medieval shirt “Ludwig” and the medieval pants “Hermann”. You can spice it up for example with a “gugel”, a belt, a belt bag and a drinking horn with a drinking horn holder.

Here too, there are a number of colours for you to combine. In addition, we have a wide selection of medieval shirts, which actually all fit this outfit. Therefore, you can put together your outfit according to your own taste.

Cost: For about 62 € you have put together a beautiful outfit, which can be enhanced by a number of accessories

Outfit 10: Medievalish Womanswear for LARP/Fantasy

Mittelalterliches Fantasy Outfit, auch für Elfen geeignet

The starting point of this beautiful fantasy outfit is our “Eleanor” dress, which we offer in a variety of different colors. In this green/white colour scheme, the combination with white accessories is eminently suitable because it looks very classy in itself.

We have therefore combined the medieval dress with our white cape “Burkhardt”, a white underskirt and the white pilgrim bag. In addition, a black leather belt, drinking horn, and drinking horn holder.

Tip: If you add coloured contact lenses and elf ears to this medieval outfit, you will have a beautiful elf representation.

Cost: The basic foundation of the outfit, i.e. dress, underskirt and cape cost a total of 104 €. If you pack another 60 € on top, you also have the accessories. You can get elf ears for around 11 € and coloured contact lenses from 17 €.

The video to the outfits

The outfits are described in German, but you might get a better insight on the garments.